Enrolment Uniform - to Come

Dress for school

The school has a winter and summer uniform. As a rule all children will have changed from winter to summer uniform by October half term and back again for the start of the third term. The uniform is as follows:

a) Physical Education and Sport Clothes

On the days when there is physical education and sport, pupils will be required to change into appropriate attire. Pupils must wear appropriate footwear (trainers) a house T-shirt or white T-shirt and white shorts or a school bottle green tracksuit.

b) Art Clothes

Art is an important part of the school curriculum. Parents are requested to send an apron or better still, one of Dad’s old shirts to school, so that clothes are not spoilt by paint or any other art material.





Green and white checked dress, white socks, black shoes

White T-shirt / polo shirt, grey shirt, grey shorts or long trousers, grey socks, black shoes


Bottle green dress, white polo neck, white socks / tights, black shoes

White polo shirt, bottle green jersey, grey long trouser, grey socks, black shoes

School uniforms are available from Mr and Mrs Wenzel, 225 Kingsway, Maseru West.

Telephone: 22312728