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Objectives of the house system at Maseru Prep  

The house system is a traditional feature of British Public schools, and schools in ex-British colonies where a 'house' refers to a boarding house or dormitory of a boarding school. As we have a day school, the system has been adapted. In the case, the word 'house' refers only to a grouping of pupils, rather than to a particular building. The House System, which helps to break down our school into more intimate and manageable units, should be a defining feature. Objectives of this system are:

  1. High standard of work
  2. Sustained effort
  3. Consistent improvement
  4. General helpfulness
  5. Consistent good behaviour and sportsmanship
  6. Any other reason

House System

House master / Mistress

Mrs Mboozi

Mrs Dreyer

Mrs Mochai

Mr Gannon